Who we are

We are a clothing company led by Christian and Simone, two fashion enthusiasts with a great passion for creativity and uniqueness. The basis of our products are the printed shirts, the result of collaboration with artists from all over the world that allow us to convey their culture and their passion through their designs.

The idea of ​​creating these shirts was born after 5 years of experience in the vintage clothing sector with our e-commerce "BeatboxCollection.com", with which we noticed the difficulty of finding beautiful and original shirts. So we decided to create them alone, just as we wanted them to be.

Our mission is to create clothing that makes people feel unique and special people who help them discover and appreciate the cultures of other countries and that make them feel part of a united world.

Our long -term vision is to become a leading brand in the printed clothing sector, using only the best fabrics and technologies to create high quality products that meet the needs of our customers. We also want to promote art and culture through our business, creating a global community of people who share our passion for creativity and uniqueness.

We are proud of the quality of our products and the relationships that we have built with our artists and customers. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our brand and share our passion with the world.

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